The Need to Innovate Cities for the Future

By Starling Childs on April 09, 2018

Quick thoughts on cities and the importance of improving how we build and operate urban areas. 

The United Nations projects global population to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, up from 7.6 billion today. The population of the United States is expected to increase to over four hundred million people by that time and 70% will live in cities.

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Data-Driven Community Development

By Starling Childs on March 08, 2018


Improving Cities with Neighborhood Knowledge

Have you ever thought about where one neighborhood ends and a new one starts? Have you wondered why some neighborhoods seem to be more successful than others, or why block to block cities can change dramatically? There's a good chance that there's a place-based community organization currently operating a neighborhood near you with answers to questions like these. 

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Who Uses Building Permits Data?

By Starling Childs on November 09, 2017

5 ways using building permits data increases success.

Long Island City Partnership's development tracking map created using Citiesense to track building permits data. (


Cities are constantly changing. To track changes and analyze or predict where certain neighborhoods might be headed, professionals look for different indicators or signals related to changes. There are myriad options for market signals that researchers and analysts consider today. Even the installation of specific types of light bulbs has recently been studied as an indicator of where gentrification patterns are headed.

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Neighborhood Knowledge Supports Resilient Communities

By Starling Childs on October 30, 2017

Analyzing a rapidly changing New York City neighborhood. 

Long Island City is a New York City neighborhood on the rise, literally. There is more real estate being built in Long Island City (LIC) than any other neighborhood in the country right now, on a square foot basis. Many local factors drive this growth. 

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The Neighborhood City

By Starling Childs on October 03, 2017

Building local intelligence to improve cities.


Decisions about where and when to build new buildings, open businesses and invest in public infrastructure are big decisions that have profound impacts on cities at the neighborhood scale. Gone are the days when these decisions were based solely on top-down, macro considerations of environmental, economic and social factors. 

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Measuring the Performance of Place

By Starling Childs on September 25, 2017

How we quantify place-based qualities.


Long Island City Partnership neighborhood map with local information about LIC, Queens.


We live in an exciting time for cities. Urban life is rapidly evolving with the introduction of new technologies. Once sci-fi movie-like tech advancements, such as autonomous vehicles, smart sensor networks, 3D printing in construction, and even buildings that grow themselves, are now becoming realities and impacting the way we develop our urban environments.

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Let's talk about building better cities. 

Building better cities starts at the neighborhood scale. At Citiesense, we are big believers in the role local community organizations play in improving their neighborhoods. Please subscribe to our blog so you can join us as we explore opportunities for neighborhoood communities to drive a better city building process. 


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